You may already know that you can use NovaCura Flow to build your own IFS mobile applications and workflows quickly and efficiently.  You might also know that, once you’ve built your application, Flow will run it on any hardware platform (Windows CE, Android, iOS, Windows Desktop, Web) without further configuration?  However there is more!

NovaCura have recently introduced Flow Portal.  Flow Portal allows web users, whether they are in your company or in partner/customer/supplier organisations to access specific, streamlined views of your business data and to execute context-specific workflows!  For example, you could create a portal to show users all of their IT Help-desk tickets and let them create new cases directly in IFS call centre by executing a workflow.  Or you might give a supplier access to see your POs on them and allow them to Confirm orders or send you Dispatch Advices direct from the Portal.  The possibilities are endless.


Flow Portal can be licensed based on named users or anonymously using a simple and highly costs effective transaction-based licensing model. If you’re already benefitting from the power, flexibility and low cost of ownership of Flow, you can add Flow Portal simply and inexpensively.  If you still haven’t seen Flow or Flow Portal, contact us today for a demo.