Novacura Flow 6 Release

Vanilla Solutions are excited to announce the release of the next major version of Novacura Flow.  Flow 6 brings a host of new functionality to the already flexible and powerful mobility, workflow and process execution platform.  Foremost among these is the ability to design and publish multi-user workflows, allowing seamless and efficient transactional collaboration.  The powerful new Flow Studio allows you to design your own workflows and mobile applications even more easily than ever.  Why have a software company build a mobile application to suit your business processes, when you can just do it for yourself!

Key features and improvements to Novacura Flow 6 include:

Flow Studio: The new user interface is much more than a facelift. It brings a new level of simplicity and user-friendliness to designing, validating, reviewing and managing workflows. The UI makes it easier than ever for non-developers to achieve insight in processes and try out ideas.

Swimlanes: Multi-user support for constructing and managing applications, with different tasks easily assigned to the right stakeholder.

New workflow options: Support different use cases, including enabling publishing fully automated workflows as a structured web service, or reusing common workflow parts easily.

Sub-workflows: Enable users to create smarter applications in shorter time. Features have been specifically designed from customer feedback requesting shortcuts for common tasks, such as creating pick-lists, or reporting.

Offline capabilities: Enhanced autonomy of the platform to ensure full functionality and access when working without an internet connection.

Performance: the new design provides significant improvements in access and response time, further enhancing user-friendliness.

Flow 6 is available to all of our existing Flow customers and we’d be delighted to demonstrate it to anyone who doesn’t yet have a mobility solution, or is stuck with a rigid ‘fixed code’ solution.  If you’d like to know more about Flow, please get in touch!

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