EPS Water chooses Novacura Flow to revolutionise processes, empower employees and leverage mobile working.

EPS wanted a process improvement tool that was easy to use, reliable and mobile-friendly. Vanilla Solutions helped them get started with Novacura Flow and they never looked back.

EPS Water is an innovative provider of products and services to the water, wastewater and clean technology sectors. The firm serves municipal, industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic clients, and currently exports in more than 25 countries worldwide.

The challenge
EPS use IFS Applications to manage their project-driven business. They’d previously invested in a process improvement tool for IFS, but were finding it too inflexible. So they went back to the market to look for a technology platform that could deliver in three key areas: process improvement, mobility and reliability.
Improving processes was seen as an urgent priority. The EPS team needed to drastically reduce the number of manual processes and also get the flexibility to develop their own processes, without being restricted to pre-canned vendor solutions.
The second goal was mobility. EPS wanted to develop mobile applications and then roll them out across handheld devices quickly and cheaply.
Finally, EPS’ current system for managing work orders had proven unreliable and lacked critical offline capabilities. So they needed a solution that would also let them work offline.

The solution
Having seen Novacura Flow at an IFS user group event, EPS contacted Vanilla Solutions, Novacura’s UK Partner and reseller, to discuss their requirements. Vanilla provided EPS with a fully functioning trial edition so they could evaluate it against their own requirements.
EPS quickly realised that Novacura Flow did everything they needed. Before long, the internal team were creating powerful applications around the way the business wanted to work. The one-flow architecture, regardless of user interface, meant applications were easily published to both desktop and mobile users. Using a mobile device, Flow seamlessly integrated with device cameras, maps, scanners or GPS coordinates to create mobile workflows. It also supported offline working whenever needed.

The result
Using Flow has unlocked endless possibilities for EPS. Having already automated many business processes, they’re now implementing 25 touchscreen interfaces, giving their less tech-fluent team members a simple, intuitive way to interact with their ERP system. “Giving our people an easy-to-use interface with the latest technology is essential,” says Gareth Reynolds, IT Systems Manager. “They are our business and we can’t evolve without them.”

Although EPS are completely independent in their use of Flow, the relationship with Vanilla continues, with both sides sharing information and best practices for using the software. “EPS care about giving their people the right tools for the job,” says Jason Belcher of Vanilla. “Their ideas and expectations are realistic, which is great, but we’ve been able to show them how they can go a few steps further than they thought.”

“Working with Vanilla Solutions has been a pleasure,” says Gareth. “They stand by their values of simplicity, quality and customer focus. With Flow, they’ve helped us create something quite remarkable, with a really simple user interface.”
Now Gareth and his team are in the process of rolling Flow out across as many operations as possible, to take their systems and processes to the next level.

About EPS
EPS was founded in rural Ireland in 1968 to support local agriculture with a focus on water abstraction and pumping, and later diversified to become an important partner to the Irish water sector. Today, it is a specialist infrastructure support services company that provides design-and-build solutions and mission-critical mechanical products. The firm operates across the Republic of Ireland, UK, Middle East and West Africa.

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