Vanilla Solutions launches new Technology and Support Centre on Silicon Shore

Vanilla Solutions are pleased to announce the opening of the new Technology and Support Centre (TaSC) in Newcastle Upon Tyne.  The TaSC will provide dedicated support capabilities to users of IFS Applications ERP and Qlik BI software as well as being the hub for Vanilla’s R&D activities.

“Over the last decade or so, Newcastle has quietly become something of a technology powerhouse and we are delighted to have access to the deep pool of technical and consulting skills available in and around the city.  Vanilla already has a number of key staff and customers based nearby and so it made sense for us to locate here.  Newcastle offers an interesting range of well-situated commercial property and a spectrum of complimentary businesses with whom we can potentially collaborate.  We are delighted to be the new kids on Silicon Shore!” – Andy Bell, Director.

The city of Newcastle is rightly famous as a former industrial powerhouse.  George Stephenson’s Rocket famously hails from the city as does Turbinia, the world’s first steam-turbine powered ship. There was a vast coal mining industry in the surrounding areas and world-leading shipbuilding at the city’s docks. Newcastle experienced periods of difficulty as these traditional industries declined but since the millennium things have changed rapidly.  Newcastle is a now a shining example of successful adaptation to our modern service-driven economy.

Vanilla’s new centre in Newcastle builds on the proud tradition of innovation in the city and we look forward to providing world-class ERP support and developing innovative technology platforms here.

“Vanilla has grown rapidly over the past 2 years and our increased focus on providing simple, no-nonsense support to users of IFS Applications ERP and Qlik BI means that we now need a dedicated support centre.  We are delighted to be working closely with Claire Valentine, our new Support Manager to make the TaSC into a true centre of excellence.  I’m proud to also note that the TaSC is opening on Vanilla’s 8th birthday!” – Jason Belcher, Director.

Vanilla took great care in choosing the best location for the new TaSC Office, eventually selecting Hoults Yard on Walker Road. The location originally housed one of the most famous pottery factories in the world, Malings Pottery.  The new office space reflects the values and culture of Vanilla and the industries we work in. The goal was to create a productive, collaborative environment which inspires the Vanilla team. Walking around the area it’s clear to see the artistic and cultural influence, made prominent by the vast amount of street art, historical buildings and trendy bars and cafes.

Vanilla are currently supporting thousands of IFS Applications end users globally and while their main goal is to ensure that existing customers get the timely service and support they need, they also wish to extend a warm welcome to all companies seeking expert on-shore support services. Vanilla are equipped to guide companies through the complex process of implementation or developing their business applications and offer training, data management, consultancy and mobility solutions in addition to support and development.

For more information on the support packages available, contact us today.

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