What’s the Vanilla difference?

Let’s put our cards on the table

First of all, thank you for taking an interest in Vanilla Solutions.

If you’re reading this page then it’s likely that you’re wondering why you should work with us. As one of the two founders of the company, it just so happens that I have some quite clear ideas about this, so please let me share them with you.


It’s easy to take something that is actually very simple and make it seem complex. Conversely, there is a certain skill to taking something that’s actually quite complex and explaining it in simple terms.

At Vanilla we passionately believe that simple things should be kept simple and that complex things should be simplified as much as possible.

The more jargon and confusion we can remove from your project, the better everyone will understand what needs to happen and the better the final result will be.

Because we are a consultancy business, it is essential that everyone is behind this view so all our staff believe this too, or else we wouldn’t have hired them.

Customer Focus:

It’s almost trivial to say that every company which offers consultancy services needs to focus on its customers. However, for us customer focus isn’t just about engaging our customers in the right way and dealing with them efficiently. It’s about making their objectives into our objectives. It’s about owning their issues and resolving them. It’s about aligning their profitability with our own.

From a personal perspective, I’m almost obsessed with this. After all, if you hire someone to fix your car then it’s quite right to expect them to actually fix it before they start trying to sell you furry dice.


This is the bit where it would be tempting to say that we always get everything right. I’d be lying. We are human and, as such, we make mistakes. Of course, we have a Project Delivery methodology to minimise our mistakes and a Quality Management System to try and learn from them, but they still happen. Our focus on quality therefore also covers what happens when we do make a mistake. The answer is simple. We fix it – at our own cost. Finally and crucially, I’d like you to understand that, for us, business is an interpersonal thing. Therefore, if you really want to get a feeling for what it might be like to work with us, why not invite me to come to your offices and say hello? We can have a cup of tea and a chat about your plans and requirements. I’ll even bring the biscuits!


Andy Bell