Novacura Flow® – a platform for business efficiency

Flow is your tool to innovate, transform and improve your core business processes. It helps you drive digital transformation and it will make your workforce truly mobile. Utilise the power in your existing business systems by creating new business apps with great user experience, In just hours.

Easy implementation of Business Process Management

The central challenge of Business Process Management (BPM) projects is that, once you’ve designed your ‘to be’ process, you still have to implement it in a way that works efficiently with your business applications.

NovaCura Flow solves this problem for you by integrating business modelling, process execution and mobile-application creation capabilities into a single easy-to-use product. Flow acts as a layer which sits on top of your business system, taking your business workflows and making process applications that exactly meet your unique business needs.

The Flow capability is delivered through a simple to use interface that guides users through your business processes step by step, requiring minimal training and time to run.

NovaCura Flow is created in three easy steps

  • Draw how you want your process to work
  • Connect your workflow to your business system
  • Run the workflow on a smartphone, tablet, PC or handheld computer

So what are the benefits of mobile applications?

By giving your users access to mobile applications when they need them you not only make life easier and simpler for them, you will also reap benefits for your business.

  • Benefit for your user
  • Reduce administrative overhead, get more done faster
  • Access business systems anywhere, anytime
  • Follow business processes & procedures
  • Benefit for your business
  • Reduce overhead cost
  • Data is stored in one, central, secure location
  • Reduce training costs and better data quality

How can you bring mobility into your business?

Each business is different and so are the ways they can use mobile technology, but here are some examples of how NovaCura mobile applications are used

    • Mobile work order management for field service
    • Efficient warehousing with integrated barcode scanners for inventory receipts and despatches
    • Time and expense reporting as and when it is incurred
    • Mobile sales order and quotation management for field sales

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